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Valley Premier Property Management does not operate like a typical property management company. We are truly focused on the property owners success. We will never charge you if your home is in a vacant state, nor if the tenant misses a payment. We only collect when the property owner collects. We strive to create a trusting relationship with our owners that proves we are here to assist and to put their needs before ours.

We focus on the management of Single Family Homes, Luxury Homes, Condominiums, Townhomes and multiple unit properties. By focusing only on residential properties, we are able to maximize our effectiveness as managers and provide the care and attention that your property deserves.

We love property management and pride ourselves on making the process easy for owners and tenants. Allow us to take the weight off your shoulders and undertake the responsibilities of managing the right way.

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Property Management
Property Management

Lower Fees:

Our fees are lower because we are the actual broker/brokerage and we do not need to split fees with a managing broker. Our leasing fee is lower which alone have saved many of our owners $700-$1,200 on average, every time a new tenant is found.

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Our company stands out from our competitors as we are able to fix/maintain many common home issues ourselves, saving you more money in the long run! Some common repairs we can undertake at a much lower rate for owners are: light painting, patching and caulking.

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Better Marketing:

We’ll take high quality professional photos of your home and your home will be listed to all the major rental websites for maximum exposure. On average, our rentals are being leased out within 10-14 days on the market.

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What We Provide

Professional Management: We started our property management division in 2007, having been in real estate sales since 2002. As Jeremy Irvin, the founder of Valley Premier Property Management, was perfecting the property management process, he was ranked in the top 1% for all agents and brokers for number of real estate sales in the San Francisco Bay Area by Zillow.com from 2012-2015. The same strategies we use in real estate sales, we also employ in property management. This results with the homes under our management to stand out from the competition – providing rental owners with lower vacancy times and higher rents. 

For 5 consecutive years, Jeremy was ranked in the top 2 for home flipping in the San Francisco Bay Area. With this experience, we are able to figure out what the cause of problems are in a home saving time and money in the end. We also have dedicated maintenance personnel who are committed to our homes, providing an average savings around 40% less than the market rate. We have built trusting relationships with many vendors, securing volume discounts for maintenance work on the homes we manage.

Jeremy Irvin also received every real estate license in California: real estate salesperson, real estate broker, real estate appraiser. Also holding a BS degree in finance and management, provides owners the peace of mind that their record keeping will be done the correct way, and the management process organized. With his experience as a property manager (managing homes), appraiser (perfecting pricing) and broker (real estate negotiations and sales), he is able to provide the strongest and most effective strategy for your rental home. 

Our passion for property management has exponentially grown over the past 10 years and our promise to owners is to take exceptional care of your property as if it was our own – we too are investors and own investment homes, so we know what it means treat your home with the utmost care.

We look forward to discussing how we can maximize your profits, while protecting you and your home.

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Property Management Services

Our goal is to provide superior customer service, responding to all requests and inquiries the same day. We provide owners with their own online owners page, allowing  them to view their property accounting information and download detailed statements and breakdowns.

We also make it easy for tenants by providing them with an online account. This allows them to easily pay rent online and submit maintenance and service requests through our systems. This focus on service helps in effective and efficient communication between the owner, tenant and management, reducing frustrations and creating positive outcomes. After all, happier tenants result in better care for your home and less vacancy time.

We do more than just collect rent, we manage everything — allowing you to freely enjoy the benefits of owning rental properties. Here are some of the services our full service property management system provides:

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Property Management

Before Tenancy:

  • Rental Preparation
  • Cleaning
  • Professional Photography
  • Market Analysis
  • Aggressive Advertising. 
  • Tenant Acquisition
  • Application, Income, Credit Documentation Collection
  • Tenant Screening and Background Checks.
  • Drafting leases with State Mandatory Disclosures
  • Move-in Inspections

During Tenancy:

  • Rent Collection 
  • Accounting Services 
  • Repairs & Maintenance Requests
  • Document Preparations for Serving Tenants (late payments, early termination etc.)
  • Lease Extensions

After Tenancy:

  • Move Out Inspection
  • Cleaning and Repair Coordinating
  • Security Deposit Processing 
  • Tenant Itemized Statement
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Property Management
Property Management
Property Management
Property Management
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