FULL SERVICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Valley Premier Property Management
Management Fee 7.5% of the Gross Monthly Rent
New Tenant Lease 25% of 1 Mo. Rent
Lease Extensions $150
Maintenance Request Fees or Up charges $0

Owner Maintenance Managed Program

You make the service call, we do the rest!

We provide the same services included in the Full Service Property Management, except making the call to vendors for repair and maintenance requests. Owners will be equipped and prepared with the list of our preferred vendors so that you have peace of mind if a repair is needed.


Management fee: 3.75% of the gross monthly rent

New Tenant Lease: 25% of one month’s rent

Lease Extensions: $150

Vacant Home Property Monitoring

Need to leave for an extended period of time, whether it be for a work project, a vacation or if you’re an international investor – and worried about your home being empty, or want to ensure your home isn’t experiencing any issues such as water leaks, or would like someone to run the water line to prevent damage to your fixtures? Valley Premier Property Management will monitor your empty property and send you updates up to 4 times a month. At every home check, we can:

1. Bring in your mail and upon your request, email you a photo of important documents.

2. Inspect the interior and exterior of your property.

3. Check for leaks – all water valves to sinks, toilets, washers, water heaters etc., including inspecting your ceilings throughout the home for any roof leaks.

4. Run hot/cold water lines to prevent fixture damage .

and much more..


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